Thursday, May 15, 2008

Olde Coen Brothers films

In the IFI I saw a load of Coen Brothers films again (and Raising Arizona for the first time). They were showing them to whet people's appetites for No Country For Old Men. I particularly enjoyed seeing Barton Fink again, as the last time I saw it my then girlfriend found it all too much and walked out of the cinema. The film is almost as oppressive the second time around, though at least you know what unpleasant thing is going to happen. Raising Arizona I found a bit strange. The print was not great for this, but I found it a bit hard to get over the kidnapping-baby premise and relax into this being a relatively funny film. The film is nevertheless an engaging look back to a time when Nicolas Cage was not That Cockfarmer Nicolas Cage, and it is the source of the line "As in, to swing".

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Ray said...

Raising Arizona is the funny. No qualifications can be applied.