Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Twenty Five Years Later, Ian Discovers "Love and Rockets"

I have finally started seeing the point of Love and Rockets. Or rather, I have started seeing the point of Gilbert Hernandez's Palomar stories. Jaime's Maggie & Hopey stories seem a bit slight, and oddly reminiscent of the women talking scenes in Death Proof. I can nevertheless see why Jaime is so popular – nicely drawn stories about perky, attractive, bi-curious women are always going to play well to comics fans. Gilbert's art is a lot less pretty, but it does what he wants it too and there seems to a lot more going on in his stories. Among people I know, preferring Gilbert is something of a minority taste, so they will probably just think I am liking his stuff to be different.

More on Love and Rockets to follow - eventually!

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