Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've had enough

Is it time to start chopping hands off people who spend their time at concerts taking pictures on their cameras and mobile phones?

What would Panda do?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I really hate amateurs who just stand there the whole time aimlessly snapping away for god knows what reason. Enjoy the show! Or the 'press' who are up front and center with their 14 inch zoom lens knocking everyone about as they dig in their bags for their 16 inch zoom lens.

Ok, I do take pictures at gigs but our camera is small. And I take them sporadically and make sure I'm not blocking anyone. I get a few good shots and then I put the things away. I like mementos of gigs because they are big deals to me! They're the funnest thing I do in this town.

Andrew Sherman said...

Yes. Also support bands will be limited to 35 minutes. All bands must start on time. And I must be home in bed by 12.

ian said...

I think it is acceptable to take some pictures at a concert, but instant justice is required for those whose cameras remain permanently outstretched.