Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More ORCH5 action

As you know, I am a great man for the ORCH5 sample. Recent inquiries on the Internet allowed me to download a recording of it, and also revealed that it was one David Vorhaus who created it, by sampling that bit of Stravinsky's Firebird for the Fairlight synthesiser. David Vorhaus is maybe not that famous, but he was a member of the 1960s experimental group The White Noise, together with Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. As far as they know, they only released one album, and its standout track is called 'Firebird'. I wonder was Vorhaus even then thinking "One day sampling technology will be invented, and I will then record a one second slice of Stravinsky's Firebird which will then find its way onto loads of records in the yet to emerge genre of Hip Hop!".

Given that the ORCH5 sample is only a second long, this is proportionally the longest review I have ever written.

And yeah, I know this very similar to an earlier post on the subject, but sometimes there is something to be said for repetition.

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