Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mojo Gave Us CDs

Do you know that Mojo magazine? I mostly buy it for compilation CDs. One issue I bought recently had a big interview with Radiohead, with an accompanying CD called OK_Computer. The CD was not of the bands who had inspired or, worse, been inspired by Radiohead, but was of a load of early electropop acts and people from today who have taken up the torch. My particular favourite might be the Fyugi (sp?) & Miyagi (sp?) one, at least partly for the way it sounds like classic era Underworld.

Mojo Presents… Beloved is more recent Mojo comp, this time of indiepop. I'm starting to think that maybe the scovers were right, that indie pop might be rubbish after all. Still, the CD does feature the wonderful 'God Gave Us Life' by Half Man Half Biscuit, a song that maybe should also have '(He Also Gave Us Una Stubbs)' appended to the title.

The Mojo issue on indie pop that that the indie pop CD came with showed promise. Unfortunately, it took that tiresome top 50 format that has bedevilled so much of their writing lately, meaning you just get a load of disjointed whacks of music writing rather than any serious piece of analysis. Oh well, such is life.

A more recent issue of Mojo came with a free CD of music inspired by Paul Weller. I skipped that one.

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