Sunday, May 25, 2008

Political Correctness - Gone Mad

Bilbo is a Newfoundland who until recently helped protect swimmers at Sennen beach in Cornwall. He is trained to rescue those who get into difficulties and also makes sure that people do not swim in the area outside the beach's flagged safe area. However, the RNLI now control Sennen beach, and they have declared that Bilbo is no longer welcome there. Only working dogs are allowed on the beach, and Bilbo is not officially classed as such.

Bilbo is currently protecting swimmers on another beach. When pressed for a comment on the bureaucratic tangle in which he finds himself, he replied "Always swim between the flags".


Bilbo, Britain's favourite lifedog, pays the price of celebrity (picture source)

Lifeguard dog banned from beach

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Anonymous said...

WTF!? There's no other dog I'd rather be rescued by than a massive fluffy Newfoundland!! I love those fuckers. <3