Saturday, May 10, 2008

Printed Circuit

I was going to write about Printed Circuit, the electronic music group comprising Claire Circuit, aka Claire Broadley, and some other guy. However, ClaireCircuit has become MY ENEMY since I recently tried to buy her second album on line. Like a bad person, she has pocketed my cash but not bothered to send me out the CD. If you live in Leeds and go to one of her concerts, I encourage you to stage a riot that ensures she never gets to play live again. Or pointedly ask her when she is going to send me my CD.

Also, would anyone like a PIRATED copy of her first album?

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Anonymous said...

That really is very poor behaviour from Ms Circuit. Is there any way you can find a phone number and contact her directly?

ian said...

I have found a postal address for her, and will be writing her a letter.

I am also getting some satisfaction from how high up on Google this post is.

Claire Circuit said...

karma? i'm pretty easy to get hold of you know.
ps. 'nazi' is a little over the top dude.

ian said...

Associating you with the Third Reich was uncalled for, and I have amended that comment, but I stand by everything else.