Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Fall "Hip Priest and Kamerads"

I bought this to get some tracks for the Fall-intro CD I am making for KevLol. Turns out that I should just have got Hex Induction Hour, as much of this is from there and the rest is slightly ropey live recordings. Nevertheless, the good stuff is great – if you like the combination of a persistent drumming led racket and stream of consciousness gibberish vocals.

This recording features the song 'The Classical', about which there is an interesting story. Reputedly, in the early 1980s, the Motown label was for some reason interested in signing The Fall. However, when they procured a copy of Hex Induction Hour, they heard the song 'The Classical', and were shocked to make out the clearly enunciated line "Where are the obligatory Niggers?". The record deal fell through, with The Fall being filed in Motown as being having no commercial potential.

Although widely repeated, this story appears to have no basis in reality.

At my recent 40th birthday party, some of the people got so into The Fall that they spent their taxi journey home doing Mark E. Smith impressions. Is it any wonder that so many taxi drivers turn into serial killers?


Anonymous said...

Is that what an old, wrinkly, curmudgeonly, Mark E. Smith-style panda looks like? At least he's hunched over.

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