Tuesday, May 13, 2008

World's Greatest Album Found

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that SCOOTER's Jumping All Over The World is the greatest album ever recorded. And it does have cover versions of tracks by Kim Wilde, the Sisters of Mercy, and OMD on it, as well as samples from Status Quo. I will of course go into more details in the pages of Frank's APA.

The record also comes with a bonus CD of the Greatest Hits of SCOOTER. Srsly goys, every home needs this record.

It is amazing to think how much everyone loves SCOOTER now, when you consider how much ridicule was heaped on my old flatmate when he bought a copy of ... And The Beat Goes On on spec.

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Justin Mason said...

HOLD ON. could that Kim Wilde tune be specifically "Kids In America"? because if so, holy shit I'm sold. I love that tune! (unironically)

ian said...

Sadly no, it is Flying to Cambodiaaaaaaaa.

I like Kim Willde's early stuff too, the way her voice combines to the early synthpop sounds and so on. I've often thought of investigating whatever band her dad was in, seeing as he wrote and produced all her good songs, but I've never quite got round to it.