Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Crazy Sounds of Finders Keepers

v/a Welsh Rare Beat Vol.2
v/a B-Music Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip

These are both compilations of weirdo music on the Finders Keepers records label. The first is a collection of olde psych-folk music, from the Dyfed Triangle in Wales, all with Welsh language lyrics. This Dyfed Triangle area is one where people smoke lots of dope and eat lots of wild mushrooms; it is also well known as a location for visits by UFOs and interplanetary craft. The other record is to be grab-bag of crazy tunes from around the world. I particularly like the tune where the foreign guy goes on about "Heepees!" The first record was compiled by Andy Votel, Dom Thomas, and Gruff Rhys; in compiling the second, those three seem to have been joined by every psych scenesters in these islands. All of this music is great.

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