Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cedric, the fiercest Tasmanian Devil of them all

Cedric is a Tasmanian Devil. He appears to be immune to the mysterious cancerous growths that have been decimating the ranks of his fellows, and has produced antibodies against the repulsive tumourous growths that have spread through other Tasmanian Devils. Cedric's brother Clinky has also been exposed to the cancers, and has not produced antibodies, but he also appears to be immune to this plague.

Scientists hope that Cedric and Clinky hold the key to a cure or vaccine that will save Tasmanian Devils from extinction.


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ian said...

I've read a bit more on this... apparently the expectation is that poor Clinky will develop the tumours, but Cedric will live forever and father a race of invincible Tasmanian Devils.