Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go To The Cinema!

I will talk about these at greater length in the future, but for now I recommend that you go and see the following two films in the cinema, while you still can:

1. Caramel
This is the Lebanese hairdressers film. Even people who have never been to Beirut will enjoy it.

2. Honeydripper
The latest film about people from the Deep South, and how they love to have fun. And it is directed by John Sayles.

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Ray said...

wot, no iron man mention?

Anonymous said...

Argh, I missed Caramel. It was in the theatre for like a week. :-( Honeydripper got good reviews here though it didn't really pique my interest though I like its style/aesthetics from the pictures I saw.

ian said...

Ray, I can only recommend films I have seen.

Ray said...

you'll never become a top international blogger with that sort of attitude