Monday, October 27, 2008

A vital question

Seriously guys, what is the point of that Kindle thing and all those other stupid book reading tech gadgets? What's wrong with just, you know, reading a book?


One Slim Boy said...

I don't know. Why would anyone want to carry more than 75 minutes of music with them at a time?

The usual digital vs analogue arguments apply. Portability, ease of access, the ability to purchase or refer to any book from anywhere there's wireless coverage, not being limited to the selection of books 'in print', etc.

The Kindle and Sony e-readers seem to think that what the world needs is a dedicated book replacement device with another DRM scheme (effectively restricting 'ownership' of the book to the lifetime of the device or supporting service).

I'm getting quite addicted to Stanza on the iPhone/iPod Touch for periodicals, and the temptation to try some long overlooked classics.

Frankly, I'm beginning to run out of places to put all the books I've bought but not had time to read yet, so anything that makes it easier to have them with me when I've time to read is very very welcome.

Ammonite said...

The New York Times magazine supplement this Saturday had a columnist write about how much they loved kindle. Mostly for taking on the plane. I was not particularly convinced.

ian said...

The Kindle (and its friends) sound like a great travel idea, until you factor in that you would not be able to use them during take off and landing, or while the plane is taxi-ing, etc..