Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do You Want Total War?

I mentioned previously that Britain's red squirrels seem to be developing immunity to the plague with which grey squirrels have been infecting them. Now grey squirrels are facing another danger. The Observer reports the Red Squirrel Protection Partnership, a human paramilitary group, has declared uncompromising war on the greys, initiating a campaign of total extermination against them. As the name of this organisation suggests, the RSPP are declared allies of the red squirrels.

Grey squirrels are not taking this threat lying down. "We have tried peaceful coexistence with humans", said a grey squirrel commander (pictured). "That failed. They have also rejected our proposals for negotiation and continue to target our nut stocks. Very well. If humans want war, they can have it".

The squirrel commander refused to be drawn on what response the grey squirrels are planning to the new human threat.

Pictures from Guardian/Observer front page.


Queenie said...

that article in the Observer was preposterously funny.

Ammonite said...

You do NOT want to mess with squirrels. They will take you and your nuts.

kvlol said...

I was going to send you the link this morning! Brilliant article. I do love a mad British lord. The Mitford connection makes it all the better!

Commander Tufty said...

One more thing - the red squirrel should understand that he has made a terrible mistake aligning with humans, and will pay the price.