Monday, October 06, 2008

Oneida "Preteen Weaponry"

This record contains just three songs – by Oneida. I've only listened to this once so far, but early impressions are that this is AWESOME. It is one of those records that demands to be played loud, and the music on is the kind of enveloping drone rock one associates with this kind of band. The middle track in particular is incredible, maybe because of the way the music combines with the indistinct yet ritualistic vocals.

I've heard other Oneida records before, but this is the one that really really does it for me. Now I can't wait for Oneida to come play these tunes in my town, so I can spoil the concert for everyone by enjoying myself.


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So the first time I saw Oneida live, I actually did shout out "STOOGES!", and some guy (with his arms folded, natch) turned around and looked at me like I was some kind of mentalist.