Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My latest awesome scheme

So I was reading about how Oxfam are getting some DJs in to play reggae music in one of their shops, as a way of raising money for Ethiopia (suffering badly because of rising food prices etc.). And I found myself thinking "Wouldn't it be great if they raised money for Ethiopia with Ethiopian music?". Then I thought "Hey, I know, I could do up a totally illegal compilation of music from Ethiopia, and give a copy of it to anyone who promised to donate X* amount of money to Oxfam!" That should raise 50p for the food-challenged people of Ethiopia.

Now all I have to do is, eh, make the compilation.

*where X is a to-be-decided amount of money.


kvlol said...

I am too late! I was going to ask after all the posts and the zine for a comp of Ethiopian music. Sigh. Fine, I'll save Africa. How much?

ian said...

No price until compilation exists (i.e. could be a while)

jennifer said...

Yes, we're surely all aware of how long it takes Ian to make compilations! :D

kvlol said...

Man I can't wait to tell my grandkids what their grandkids can look forwards to!