Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Final Countdown, Part 3: More Bands

I am writing about bands I saw at The Final Countdown, the last ever meetup of the Bowlie Forum. Last episode here

Back in July, I met one of the event organisers, and he was talking about the bands who were going to be playing.

"We've got The Deirdres playing," he said. "They don't really have any link to the Bowlie Forum, but I reckon people will like them. They are basically a load of teenage girls who jump around and shout a lot".

"Something for the dads", I thought.

As it happened, the Deirdres had a few blokes in their line-up, but the girls are a bit more noticeable. They were very much the kind of band who jump around and shout. They also like to stop playing and have somewhat staged arguments on (er) stage. And they do formation dancing and stuff. So yeah, a lot of fun, from the ker-aazzzy let's-put-the-show-on-right-here end of indie. Good live, maybe not worth bothering with on record. Also, I am still unclear whether they are The Deirdres or the Deidres.

The last act was The Hermit Crabs. Despite their superstar line-up, they didn't really do it for me, maybe because I was getting a bit *tired*, though I liked the songs that had that Spaghetti Western sound.

I stayed for a bit of the DJing, but got tired fairly quickly (having flown in from Addis Ababa the day before) and was suffering from having eaten the world's worst falafel as dinner. So we went back to our hotel, but not before hearing Thom Gresham Flyer play 'Live is Life' by Opus. I was struck by how similar the intro is to LAIBACH's 'Opus Dei' (as in, I reckon one samples the other). It is strange, though, that this is the second Bowlie meetup I've been to where someone has played that Opus track. I'm not sure what has made it so popular.

Next episode: stuff about the totally awesome records I picked up at this event

I would like to have a link from here off to what I have written about my time in Ethiopia, but I haven't written anything yet. Oh well.

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