Sunday, October 05, 2008

v/a "Paul Watts' '80s US Indie Rock Comp"

This is one of many CDs given to me recently by Paul Watts. I think he is trying to turn me on to his crazy music. Well it won't work, I tell you! Like pretty much everything else mentioned lately, I haven't listened to it too much, but if you are American and were into kewl US music in the 1980s then you probably know all these tunes.

I was going to make some snide comment stereotyping this compilation (and all American music) as being terribly earnest (and therefore shite), but a quick bomb through the tracks reveals that many of them are as quirky and playful as their UK indie contemporaries, and there are a good many more nods to electronic music and non-standard rock instrumentation than stereotypical thinkers like me might expect. Even a lot of the rockier and punkier stuff is a big bag of fun.

So yeah, maybe I will become the new Paul Watts yet.


jennifer said...

Post the tracklisting, dude! (And who is Paul Watts?)

ian said...

Hey, great idea for a future post!

And Paul Watts is a bon viveur and man about town.

flossyla said...

what happened to the old Paul Watts?