Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Final Countdown, Part 2: Bands

I am discussing the last ever meetup of the Bowlie Forum, back in August. Awesome. See part 1 here

The first band was The Gresham Flyers. It was something of a relief that they weren't rubbish, as their bassist Thom is one of my Frank's APA pals, and interaction could otherwise have become a bit difficult. So yes, they were better than bad – they were good! If I were going to play the genre classification game then I reckon I would call their music motorik indie. In fact, yes, the idea of their playing on the same bill as Hawkwind (as apparently once almost happened) would not be completely ridiculous.
there was also DJing between the bands

Wintergreen are almost like the official house band of the Bowlie Forum, featuring so many Bowlies in their line-up that it is a wonder that I have never joined them on glass finger guitar. They are nevertheless a bit less indie and a bit more muso-y than a great many of the Bowlie forum members. Such is life in the vanguard. I thought maybe that tonight they did not really deliver on their ambition, but then, as they admitted, this was their first live outing of the year. Their last track was a stormer though, one of those everything happening at once tunes. I wish I knew what it was called, so that I could try and find it on a record. Obviously, I could just ask some of the people in the band, given that several of them are my Facefriends, but that would be cheating.

Next up was Pete Green. He is this amiable fellow who plays acoustic guitar with two other guys on bass and drums, playing music that hovers on the cusp of indie and singer-songwritery stuff. He is often compared to M.J. Hibbett. I can see where this comes from, but Pete Green is a likeable fellow and not in the least a smartarse. For all that, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this guy's performance. It seems very much like the kind of music I don't like, except that on this occasion I ended up having to say – I like it! In fact, I reckon Pete Green was the find of the evening, with his quirky tunes boasting actual humour and endearing self-deprecation. See him now before fame goes to his head.

More Final Countdown action tomorrow (or at some other point in the future), with the next post featuring GIRLS

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jennifer said...

OMG! Gurlz!

Interesting to hear your perspective on Pete Green. I'm glad you liked him. He's my friend, so I'm totally biased, but he sounds even more fantastic with his new band. Yay!

Pete Green said...

Hi Ian - thanks for the nice write-up! I'm dead happy that you liked the stuff. Feel free to download some tunes and what have you from my website. Cheers!

ian said...

Cheers Pete.

jona said...

we always end on the magic road, it's one of those rules like. dig your record out Ian!