Monday, October 06, 2008

The tracks of your tears

Because you asked for it, here's the tracklisting of that CD I mentioned recently:

X 'Los Angeles'
Black Flag 'Rise above'
Mission of Burma 'Trentino'
R.E.M. 'catapault'
The Meat Puppets 'lost'
The dBs 'amplifier'
The Minutemen 'political song for Michael Jackson to sing'
Let's Active 'room with a view'
Minor Threat 'salad days'
The Suburbs 'love is the law'
Husker Dü 'I apologise'
Camper Van Beethoven 'take the skinheads bowling'
Bad Brains 'I against I'
Dead Kennedys 'rake this job and shove it'
Throwing Muses 'soul soldier'
Pailhead 'I will refuse'
Big Black 'bad penny'
Negativland 'Christianity is stupid'
Sonic Youth 'Mister Dik'
FIREHOSE 'sometimes'
The Pixies 'levitate me'
Mudhoney 'touch me I'm sick'
They Might Be Giants 'they'll need a crane'
Fugazi 'and the same'

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