Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sodom Tonight

The other day I went to see Gomorra - you know, that film about the Neapolitan Mafia ("mess with our ice cream? Then you die") based on the book by that guy who has had to flee Italy. I won't say too much about here at this juncture, apart from recommending it to people who like films. While not a tricksy visual film, it does have some stunning visual images in it, and does make running around on beaches in your kecks firing machine guns look like a valid life-style choice.

It does maybe suffer from the fundamental problem with films about gangsters - because its subjects are mostly so loathsome it is a bit difficult to have any empathy for them. On the other hand, most of them die by the end of the film (or will be dead in a couple of years time), so it is somewhat uplifting.

Oh yeah, don't do image searches for "Gomorra" while at work.

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Ammonite said...

Gun, kecks *and* trainers.
Knowing how to accessorize is the key to style.