Monday, October 06, 2008

A dirty old man writes

One side effect of the current WORLD CRISIS is that I have been reading the Financial Times that bit more frequently. I was particularly amused by their problem page, which is one of those ones where people write in with a problem and then readers offer their advice. Most of them are serious workplace related things, but then there is this charmer.


accentmonkey said...

Wow. I can't believe I hooked up with some loser who treats me like a human being when there are so many total gonks in the world I could have hitched my wagon to.

Ammonite said...

I know! Even though my own marriage has teh flaied, I was with a decent human being who treated other people like decent human beings.

I notice Lucy herself is not weighing in on the issue.

ian said...

Ms K lets the readers speak, and then in the print issue she will collate the responses and dispense sensible advice. Maybe then her words will appear on the web too.

flossyla said...

hilarious - funniest thing I have read in a while.

Mind you I have a mate who was a model and has gone out with muppets like that. I get the impression the control they are allowed have over you is directly related to how wealthy they are.

He had better be careful though if you take friends away from people you need to find other ways to amuse them or there is a chance they'll shag your mates.

Maybe he could watch though - he could send in another problem to FT then.

ian said...

So I reckon Lucy Kellaway's response should be in tomorrow's FT.