Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Live Jazz: Francesco Turrisi's Tarab

This was in the John Field Room of the National Concert Hall. Mr Turrisi is some young Italian jazzer, and his Tarab is a group he has thrown together with some other jazzers, some also foreign and some local. I will throw out their names, so that people can mock me for not recognising any of them who are in fact incredibly famous. On tambak (a funny Iranian percussion Johnny) and some kind of bodhran like thing, there was Birjam Jiriani. On oud, there was Ronan Bunca (apparently searching for him on YouTube reveals some amazing oud solo action). Gabriel Mirabasi (?) played clarinet, and local jazz star Ronan Guilfoyle played bass. Turrisi himself was on piano. The prospect of oud action was the draw for us, and we did get some oud action. There was also a fair bit of clarinet-piano duelling, and some great jazz-face action. I also liked the snake charmer movements of Mr Mirabasi, and the general lack of "and now it's time for your solo" jazz wankery. So yeah, great gig, and one that reminded me of how I need to see more jazz.

Crotch City Panda


jennifer said...

That is one seriously bottom heavy panda. He couldn't sway to jazz if he wanted to!

ian said...

Jazz Bottom!