Sunday, June 08, 2008

Comics Roundup 8/6/2008

Ahoy there mateys. There's not much for the cap'n in this week's bag.

Criminal #3, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Just to be confusing, Criminal decided to restart at #1 recently. As you know, Criminal is a comic that deals with the exploits of the less law abiding members of society. This issue, and the two preceding it, have all notionally been stand alone issues, though they are actually all telling a broadly similar story from different points of view. This one would perhaps be the most problematic to read on its own; you can infer a lot of what is going on, but earlier episodes gave you more. The story is following a woman who has been treated cruelly as she gears up for revenge against her enemies. If you've read the previous issues you know what that revenge will be and what will come of it.

Final Crisis #1, by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones

I mentioned this last week. Now I am mentioning it again, after a lot of people said I should re-read it. So I did. I still think it is totally lacking in thrill power, or at least not the kind of thing I have any interest in reading more of. The problem is not that the story is so continuity heavy as to be incomprehensible, but more that you would have to care somewhat about the DC Universe to get any enjoyment from this. I do not, but many other people do.

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Ammonite said...

You may have mentioned it in an earlier post (I haven't scrolled down yet), but have you seen 'I, Constantine'? Alterno-future, time travel, story about the Emperor Constantine winning the Battle of the Milvian bridge with C21 crypto-papal mercenary brigade. At least, that's what I got from the one issue I read. Hated the art and not sure about the narrative but it stuck in my mind.

ian said...

I've not seen that... I tend not to be drawn in by comics with bad art, unless they have been recommended to me. Who wrote this comic?