Monday, June 16, 2008

Caravan "In The Land of Grey and Pink"

I met my old pal Mark W in record shop when I was buying something else, and he said I should buy this as well. Having listened to this record (a product of something called The Canterbury Scene), I can see it as being not without merit, but I suspect it is not fated to long remain in Panda Mansions.

Scenester Pandas


Ammonite said...

There's a Canterbury Scene? As in something critically interesting is happening in Canterbury? The last time that happened was when Thomas a Beckett was murdered.

Anonymous said...

I actually know this record. I had it on a tape, years and years ago. The only really memorable tune on it is the one about the Golf Girl.

Recently, my friend Becky lent me her Circulus album, which sounded almost exactly the same.

ian said...

This Canterbury Scene - I don't know too much about it, I think it was from the late 1960s and early 1970s, and featured people like Caravan and the Soft Machine. Mark W is the man to talk to if you want to know more.

Ammonite said...

nah, that's enough to make me lose interest.