Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Films I Want To See

These are the current films I would like to see.

Iron Man
I may have missed the bus on this, as it is only on during the day in Dublin's cinemas, but maybe I will catch it at the weekend.

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamao Bay
I love the idea of a stoner comedy politicised enough to even mention the USA's Caribbean torture camp.

After Cave of the Yellow Dog and Tale of the Weeping Camel I am a sucker for Mongolian films, though I suspect that this one (a biopic of Genghis Khan) may have less cuddly animal & cute kid action.

Sarker Raj
I know nothing about this except that it is from India.

Joy Division
Apparently this documentary covers familiar ground to the Control feature, but I missed that. In any case, I reckon the subject matter is better served by the documentary format.

That's about it. I think tomorrow night will by Harold & Kumar night. Dude!


Ammonite said...

I want to see this film too, although there is a part of me that anticipates disappointment that it no time will anyone utter the line "Mongol Smash!!"

Ray said...

Iron Man is surprisingly good, largely because of Robert Downey jr.

Coincidentally, I watched the first Harold and Kumar film last night. It wasn't as funny as you might hope, but was quite good. Also relatively political, in a racial politics way.

kvlol said...

I have seen Iron Man. It is very good in the sense that as a 14 year old I would have loved that life. Now that I am older and more sensible I am less interested. No, really. Oh go on, I'll take some of the money and things. Only a little though, I'm far too mature to enjoy it properly.

I would like to go to Harold and Kumar. Sometime next week?

ian said...

Too late Kvlol, I saw it last night! initial review - it is a good film even if it is chortlesome rather than totally hilarious. And yeah, the politics is interesting.

I think tomorrow I will go to the Joy Division film straight after work, if I can get out of work in time and if it is still on.

kvlol said...

I will need to bribe a friend to go. 1 film I like = 1 film they like that I will have to read, won't understand wtf is happening and end up hating furreners and their artistic ways ;_;

ian said...

why don't you go and see it on your own?