Thursday, June 19, 2008

v/a "Welsh Rare Beat"

This is a Finders Keepers compilation of eclectic weirdo stuff released on some Welsh language record label, Sain or something like that. Yet again I have to marvel at the high quality and varied styles of music with Welsh-language lyrics. I reckon that of all the Finders Keepers records knocking around Heyte Mansions these days, this is probably my favourite, just for the total quality of what it features.

See also The Crazy Sounds of Finders Keepers

Sometimes I wonder why the Irish-speaker scene in Ireland has never produced anything other than tradders.

Finders Pandas


Paul said...

Hi from Damascus.

Interesting what you say about the Irish language music scene. The Irish language scene in general is very traditional -lots of céilis, folklore and stuff like that. I know a girl who was trying to break the mould by arranging stuff like yoga, dance music, art, etc. through Irish but I don't think she was having much success.

Ian said...

I think it is partly that in Ireland the "native" Irish language communities are quite small and isolated from each other in rural communities where you would not really expect indie rock or psych bands to do so well. I don't know about the Dublin gaelgeoirs, but it would not surprise me if they see the Irish language scene as being oppositional to such foreign imports as electric musical instruments.

Wales does have its own associations of the Welsh language with "traditional" ideas of nationality, as anyone who has ever watch the Eistedfod (sp?) on TV can vouch. The language seems to work also independently of such associations, hence all these crazy Welsh Rare Beat musicians or the Super Furry Animals.

Ian said...

And hi to you in Damascus! Kif hallak?