Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toto "Past to Present 1977-1990"

I bought this, came home, and put it on to play, all without saying anything to Mrs Panda. She thought initially that I had gone mad, until she recognised opening chords of 'Africa'. Then she realised that I had gone mad in a good way. This album features a lot of less thrill powered later Toto tunes, but you can't really knock 'Africa'. Well, you could, but you would be wrong, as anyone who listens objectively to the drums coming in on the first chorus will vouch.

Aside from its awesomeness as a tune, a big part of the appeal of 'Africa' is that we are going to that fascinating continent soon, in particular to Ethiopia. Wikipedia reports that Toto became very popular in Africa following their success with the song. There is no citation for this contention, but I am hoping that learning all the lyrics to the tune will help me to get down with the people there.

Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.

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jennifer said...

What a hilarious mental image I have of you belting out "Africa" at some dimly lit karaoke shack with your new Ugandan mates!