Tuesday, June 17, 2008

v/a "Paul Watts' Best of 2007"

You may know Paul Watts, bon viveur and man about town. We swapped 2007 round-up CDs (which had no songs in common). I reckon he probably hated mine, but I found much to recommend here, notably the Battles song, the Von Südenfed song, and an engagingly yeow! track by High On Fire. A lot of the rest sounded like the kind of warptronica that many people I know love. Listening to it all here I started thinking that maybe I like it too.

Oh yeah, maybe I should post about my best of 2007 CD. Or maybe not.

Panda Watts

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Ammonite said...

I am loving you best of 2007 CD, and the Luke Haines. Thank you!