Monday, June 02, 2008

As always, ahead of the curve

Radiohead The Bends
Radiohead OK Computer

An alarm went off when I bought these two records, as it is now the case that everyone in the world has a copy of them. They are not completely new to me, both containing tunes I have heard before. This initial familiarity may have contributed to the slight disappointment I got from both of them, especially from The Bends. Ultimately, I am more enamoured of Kid A & Amnesiac era Radiohead, and to an extent only like these two older ones as steps along the road to the band's more angular work. There may also be the passage of time to consider.

What do you reckon, should I pay a load of money to go and see them next weekend?

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Ray said...

Have you heard the second In Rainbows cd?

Andrew Sherman said...

Big bands are no fun unless you really love them IMHO.

ian said...

Ray - I've not even heard the first

Andew - yes... you're probably right, but I do kind of really love Radiohead. Or at least, I hover on the borderlands between quite liking them and really loving them. Even if I have not surrendered to them, I appreciate them as one of the great bands of our times.

I did once have the chance to see them (as Glastonbury), but went to the Super Furry Animals instead. I still feel that I made the right choice.