Friday, June 06, 2008

A quick theatre review

I went to see The Wonderful World of Dissocia this evening in the Project, this being a play by Anthony Neilson, produced by Calypso, a theatre company who like to deal with Issues. The first part was great, a crazily absurdist set of escapades through the strange land of Dissocia. I think the writer fluffed it with the second (and much shorter) part. This basically revealed that the main character is mentally disturbed, with the funny stuff in the first section being the product of her fevered imagination. Yawn - this is basically the grown-up equivalent of "And then she awoke and it was all a dream".

I was also annoyed to read in the programme that the lead actress owns a dog who can trampoline. Why was this wonder not included in the play?

I still recommend the play highly, and not just because it contains nudity, scenes of a sexual nature, and a polar bear. It finishes tomorrow, so you'll have to hop to it.

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