Monday, June 09, 2008

Walter Kubiczeck "Amiga A Go-Go Vol. 3: Deutsch-Demokratische Soundtracks"

Walter Kubiczeck is some guy from East Germany who wrote music for that lost country's TV programmes. The first track of his I heard was 'Tentakel', the theme from the cop show of the same name. The tune shows up on several of the East German compilations I have, and is always a highlight. It is the kind of sassy horns-driven groover that would make a perfect soundtrack to some polyester suited cop's trudgings down Karl Marx Allee as he hunts down class enemies or various kinds of economic criminal. Now the people who re-issue stuff from Amiga, the DDR's record label, have brought us a whole album of his music. And great stuff it is too, conjuring up a world of socialist policemen kicking in doors to Marzahn apartments and snarling lines like "Mein Kamerad, Sie werden genommen!" before turning to a former East German woman's athlete to say "Und mein liebchen, du sollst deine Kleidungen anziehen!"

Stasi panda image source

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