Sunday, June 08, 2008

Live in Whelans: Chromehoof

People spoke highly of these fellows' performance at Christmas ATP, so I decided that I ought to check out their concert in Dublin. Describing their physical appearance should give an idea of what they sound like – there are loads of them, some men and some women, they play a variety of musical instruments, moving beyond the usual instrumentation of rock, they wear silvery capes (sometimes with hoods up), and they typically sport face make-up. They have a singer, who wore a different cape to everyone else and also had different face make-up.

I bought their album at the concert. It is so enjoyable that you can almost hear the capes. Their album is called Pre-emptive False Rapture.

It is possible that the band's name is actually Chrome Hoof

One annoying thing about the concert is that they were for some reason also selling CDs by MY ENEMY, Printed Circuit ( a one person band comprising Claire Circuit, known to her friends as Claire Broadley). This was annoying because about a month previously I purchased Printed Circuit's second album, and the facist still has not sent it to me, despite numerous "where's my CD?" e-mails.

caped panda image source

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