Monday, March 05, 2012

That "lady" is my mother!

Record reviews – they are a bit boring, aren't they?* But if I throw out a load of reviews of records I have semi-listened to it is a great way of generating Inuit Panda posts for the next number of days. So let's go.

Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom (1974)

Tower are doing these nice limited edition reissues of Robert Wyatt albums on vinyl that come with a little CD version of the thing – ideal for people like me who are plagued by format indecision. This is my first album by the former Soft Machine star, and it was also his first solo album, recorded not too long after the accident that made him wheelchair bound. There is a lovely quality to Wyatt's voice – a kind of weedy yet strong character – that goes well with his odd songwriting. Some of this sounds very strange indeed, but the opener ('Sea Song') is a charmingly affecting love song that might well actually be about Wyatt's lovely wife.

Rock Panda

An inuit panda production

*Reader's Voice: "The way you write them, yes".

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