Thursday, March 01, 2012

Are You Amphibious?

The Quest (1990s)

From a friend comes a burn of this collection of stuff by the popular Underground Resistance act. To fill in readers who did not read the recent Wire article, Drexciya make (or made) Detroit techno and posit a kind of mystical occult history about Africans who escaped slavery in the USA by jumping overboard from slave ships and learning how to swim and evolving gills and stuff like that. It is important to have an angle, after all, and I have always been a sucker for bands who base their stuff around made-up mythology.

The music is quite funky. For some reason I had the idea that UR music was all chin-strokey and a bit sterile, but you could really imagine dancing away to this if you were off your nuts. Which is a good thing, obviously.

A different Wire article about Drexciya to the one mentioned above

Panda Resistance

An inuit panda production

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