Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2011: My favourite new tunes

Why look! It is a listing of my favourite new tunes from 2011. New-to-me, that is.

Black Mountain Transmitter Black Goat of the Woods [start]
From Black Goat of the Woods (2009)

The beginning of this mysterious Irish record.

Nico Ari's Song
From The Marble Index (1969)

A track from Nico's first properly spooky solo album.

Bo Hansson The Old Forest and Tom Bombadil
From The Lord of the Rings (1970)

A rare reference to Tom Bombadil in something adapted from the Tolkien classic.

Leonard Cohen The Partisan
From Greatest Hits (1975)

Laughing Len covers a Second World War resistance tune.

Richard Thompson Bonnie St. Johnstone
From 1000 Years of Popular Music [live version] (2006)

Richard Thompson has described this as a "Bad mother" tune, perhaps missing the point that it is not wickedness but desperation that makes a woman act like this; to me the song is more akin to 'The Well Below The Valley' by Planxty.
St. Johnstone is another name for Stirling or Edinburgh or somewhere else in Scotland.

The Dewara Family Folk Song
From Seb Bassleer's recordings of Rajasthani street music (2008)

Robert Wyatt Sea Song
From Rock Bottom (1974), Wyatt's first solo album.

Beny Moré Yiriyirbon
From The Essential Beny Moré (a 2006 compilation released decades after the Cuban sensation's death).

Blue Öyster Cult Career of Evil
From Secret Treaties (1974)

Tom Tom Club On, On, On, On…
From the first album by the Tom Tom Club (1982)

Dean & Britta I'll Keep It With Mine
From 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests (2010), an album of music to accompany Andy Warhol screen tests. This was for Nico's.

Luke Haines Inside the Restless Mind of Rollerball Rocco
From 9½ Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling of the 1970s and Early '80s (2011)

This almost did not make it onto the disc, but now I think it is one of the best things here.

Ween The Stallion Part 2
Ween Your Party
Both from Thom's Ween TOAD (2011). 'The Stallion' is originally from All Request Live in 2003, while 'Your Party' appeared first on La Cucaracha (2008)

I was thinking of including 'Piss Up A Rope', but there is an outside chance my niece might end up hearing this.

Richard Thompson Oops… I Did It Again
From 1000 Years of Popular Music [live version] (2006)

The crowd are approaching this as a piece of novelty cover version fluff, but Thompson sings it like it is one of his own dark love songs.

Jane Weaver Turning In Circles
Jane Weaver Hud A Llefrith

Both from The Fallen By Watch Bird (2010). These are by no means the only two good songs on this sensational album, and they may not even be the best ones.

Mount Vernon Arts Lab The Black Drop
From The Séance at Hobs Lane (2007)

Featuring Isobel Campbell on cello.

Broadcast & The Focus Group We Are After All Here
From Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)

Magnet Festival / Mirie It Is / Summer is A-comen In
From The Wicker Man (1973)

Warning, features invocation of a deity.

Black Mountain Transmitter Black Goat of the Woods [end]
Another except of the 2009 album.

As always, I will make a copy of this CD-R for anyone that wants it, and I promise to take less time to send it out than I did with my 2010 discs.

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