Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alone in the Dark Wood

Alone In The Dark Wood (2007)

Ms Fursaxa is an interesting purveyor of strange music that manages to surf on the borders of psych, folk, avant-garde improv, and much much more. I saw her once at ATP and thought she was amazing, for all that I only caught her last song. It was one of those things where the artist builds a song by doing something, sampling it, then playing over the sample, sampling that, and so on. She seemed to do this far more impressively than the various chancers I have seen replicate the trick since then. This record is enjoyable enough, but I think she is maybe best appreciated live. She has a certain presence that lends a ritualised quality to the creation of her music, like she is some kind of hierophant working spells before us. But I will still listen to and enjoy this record. It too has its magic to work.

An inuit panda production

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