Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I present a proposal

I am always thinking that I ought to get round to reading those great 19th century novels that people are always talking about. And now I have started thinking – maybe other people want to do this too! So let's put this out and see if the cat licks it up – anyone interested in a 19th century book club? I will pick the books, they will all be ones like Moby Dick and Wuthering Heights that are easy to get from libraries, and we can meet once a month in a pub and talk about the books. Awesome. People who either live abroad or do not do human interaction can join in the fun online.

Any takers?

oh wait, shouldn't I have written this in the style of a 19th century novel? you can do that in your replies, if you reply.

Wuthering Panda


String Bean Jen said...

I too am always looking for people to read the books I want to. I almost always fail. Had a good book club that met monthly in Chicago. Is about the only thing I miss from there.

ian said...

Helpfully everyone replied to this on Facebook rather than here, but yes, this is going ahead. People in the virtual world - feel free to join in, albeit virtually.