Monday, February 22, 2010

Finders Keepers Fail

Dracula's Music Cabinet The Vampires of Dartmoore
Do you remember my saying that my record player had not been reconnected so that I was unable to listen to this Finders Keepers record I bought a while ago? Well, the record player is now working again, so I can listen to it… and it's not very good. It is in fact the weakest Finders Keepers record I have yet heard. The sleeve makes some kind of comparison between this and the Vampiros Lesbos soundtrack record*, I suppose because they are both vampire associated sound-tracky records originally from the 70s.

Unfortunately, while the Vampiros Lesbos has a certain pizzazz and swagger, The Vampires of Dartmoore sounds very much like a bunch of session musos dicking around in a studio. I fear this is destined to find its way onto Oxfam's shelves in the near future. And by breaking the Finders Keepers run of consistently good records it has made me wary of picking up anything else by them, lest it too be "not great".

an Inuit Panda production.

das ist kein Pandabär

*from the guy who also did the soundtrack to classic film Schülmädchen Report.

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