Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Man Hold Tattered Red, White, and Blue Costume

Superman: World of New Krypton #12, by James Robinson, Greg Rucka, Pete Woods, and Ron Randall

Final Issue! You may recall that I gave up on this title after it showed signs of turning into some kind of DC Universe wankathon. But now the final issue – I could not miss that! Anyway, this is the one about the Kryptonians from the city of Kaldor. Evil robotic genius Brainiac had shrunk their city down to teeny tiny size and put them in a bottle, but then somehow they were brought back to normal size. Rather than clutter up Earth with super people, they went to live on a new planet on the other side of the Sun. Superman, or Kal-El as he likes to be called, went there with them (I'm not sure what Lois Lane, with whom he was now married, made of this). Various exciting things happened, and various not so exciting things, but the big and interesting thing was Kal-El's ambiguous relationship with General Zod (you know, the badass Terence Stamp plays in Superman II). Kal-El distrusts Zod, but the General is a hero to the Kryptonians.

More recently, things have been happening which seemed to be pushing New Krypton towards war with Earth (less one-sided than you might think, as the USA (obv.) has been developing superkilling weapons). But now it turns out to all have been some kind of crazy plot by bad people. And then… at the very end… a most amazing cliffhanger

And also, for all that World of New Krypton is finishing with this issue, a new Last Stand of New Krypton title is joining us in a month's time. So it's not over yet.

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