Monday, February 15, 2010

Classic Book Club: First Book Announcement

I had a thrilling response (mostly on Facebook) to my post about starting a book club for those classic novels of the 19th century I've never got round to reading. So now it is time to announce the first book. It is Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. We will meet to discuss the book in a to-be-decided venue on Monday the 15th March.

If people outside Dublin want to play too, then we will have to do something online. Maybe I will just post post here about Moby Dick, set to appear on that day, and people in the virtual world can leave responses. Or maybe other people can post responses with links to their blog posts. Or maybe something else entirely. What do you think?

I'm open to book suggestions; if you have anything you think we should read, drop me an e-mail. Bear in mind, though, that I already have a list of books for the first couple of months.

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Ray said...

Cool, sounds good.
How about the library room in the Central Hotel?

accentmonkey said...

Ah tits. I will be away, and will therefore miss this first meeting.

Eoghan said...

Central Hotel sounds good to me.

ian said...

Substantive post to follow, but the day to have the book read by is going back a week. Some people are a bit out of the reading habit and want to work up to reading a big book in a month.

I might scope out the Library room in the Central Hotel. My impression is that the Central Hotel can be surprisingly busy on weekday evenings, so I was thinking more of a definitively quiet monday night pub.