Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Man, Gun Antlers, Blood Rain

Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth #6, by Jeff Lemire

Jeppard and Sweet Tooth have gone their separate ways. I was wondering if maybe this meant we would be seeing no more of Mr Jeppard, but no. This episode mainly follows Jeppard on a journey, with flashbacks to his life in the early days of the plague. We see behind Jeppard's mask to a far greater extent than hitherto, and the sketching of his past as someone who had some kind of life before everyone died is quite powerful. We also get an idea of how Sweet Tooth himself is settling in to his new, eh, home. The business of him possibly being older than the plague that brought human-animal hybrids into the world seems to be increasingly mysterious.

It's all very bleak, yet almost elegiac. I find it quite affecting, and continue to see this title as the best thing being published right now.

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