Monday, February 08, 2010


My beloved and I are going to Cuba on holidays over Easter. We are doing things independently – flying into Havana, then taking it easy about where we go. We plan to stay in casas particulares rather than hotels, as they seem to be substantially cheaper and are better crack. Or so I here.

Has anyone reading this ever been to Cuba? Any recommendations of places to go to, or places that you would advise any right-thinking person to avoid? Our current vague planned destinations include Havana itself, Viñales, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus (or mini-Trinidad, as it likes to be known), and maybe Cienfuegos. But the eastern end of the island has a certain appeal too, so maybe we will skip some of those places in favour of Bayamo, Baracoa, and Santiago de Cuba (or Ciudad Jinitero as I hear it is being renamed).

Commandante Panda

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ligne said...

right-thinking people go to miami, not communist, godless cuba -- as well you know, Ian.

for shame.