Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mary Ann, Take My Hand

Spacemen 3 Forged Prescriptions
I bought this on the back of Sonic Boom's storming performance at Christmas ATP. And only after picking it up did I register that this was not the Spacemen 3 album The Perfect Prescription but a record of alternative versions, demos, b-sides, and so on. No matter, this is all deadly stuff, possibly even better than the versions that appear on the actual album. If you want to sample the smacked-out drone rock of the Spacemen then this could be a good place to start.

Experimental Audio Research Phenomena 256
This is another Sonic Boom band. I cannot say that I have as yet listened to this one too much, but it does have a great interior illustration of one cartoon animal performing oral sex on another. It is also a record recommended to me by none other than Mad King Ken himself. Listening to it right now I can reveal that it is very droney.

Sonic Panda

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