Friday, February 19, 2010

Dead Batman in Coffin

Batman and Robin #7, by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart

The new Batman (none other than Dick Grayson, formerly Robin) is off in London, teaming up temporarily with Squire, the kid sidekick of some funny UK superhero. After preventing King Coal from exploding a dirty bomb in central London, he pays a visit to the Tower of London, in order to try and get some information from The Pearly King on just why King Coal and The Pearly King's minions have been fighting over some mysterious abandoned coalmine. Once in the mine, the reader learns the truth – the new Batman is hellbent on tampering with life and death himself, for the pit contains a Lazarus Pit, in which he plans to resurrect the original Batman. Dan Dan DANNNNNNN. Surely nothing can go wrong.

The thrill power is strong in this one.

Caped Panda

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