Saturday, May 24, 2014

My most recent literary endeavours

Farewell Parthenon
I took part in that NaNoWriMo thing last November, having a crack at writing a novel over the length of the month. I made it up as I went along but gave it a kind of structure by largely having the characters follow the route I took in September when I travelled to and around Greece. That meant that I could incorporate some local colour and add into the narrative things I saw or that happened to me (as well as things I just made up, obviously).

If you have ever wondered what a novel made up as it was written quickly would be like, you can see chapter 1 here. There is a link from that on to chapter 2 and so on, and links to all of the chapters below. I will not leave them up on my writing blog website indefinitely, so if you think you will want to read them, do so while you can.

I would like to devote myself more seriously to literary endeavours, but I fear that my Important Project will be consuming my free time for the foreseeable future.

Chapter 1 - The Alps. From a Train.

Chapter 2 - Playing Games

Chapter 3 - Milanese Dreams

Chapter 4 - New Friends

Chapter 5 - Divine Intervention

Chapter 6 - Strangers on a Train

Chapter 7 - Friend or Foe?

Chapter 8 - Temptation

Chapter 9 - Continuing Journey

Chapter 10 - Choices

Chapter 11 - Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 12 - Getting to Know You

Chapter 13 - Into Danger

Chapter 14 - Embracing the Evening

Chapter 15 - Et in Argolis Ego

Chapter 16 - Crystallisation

Chapter 17 - On the Road

Chapter 18 - Preparation

Chapter 19 - The Eve of Destruction

Chapter 20 - Strange Journey

Chapter 21 - Not Long Left

Chapter 22 - It Is Time

Chapter 23 - In Conclusion

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