Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cat brings home special present

Cats often bring home little presents for their owners - usually dead rodents or birds. An unnamed cat in Dunedin in New Zealand went for something a bit more useful, bringing its owner a bag containing 5 grammes of cannabis. However, instead of sparking the hooter, the cat's owner showed a marked lack of gratitude and instead reported the find to the local police.

Sgt Reece Munro is investigating the case and trying to find out where the bag of cannabis came from. His efforts are being hampered by the cat, who is taking the Fifth on this and refusing to cooperate with the investigation or name its dealer. Sgt Munro will reportedly be letting the cat off with a caution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: photographs of the dope dealing cat have not been released, so the above image is stock image of a completely different cat.

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