Monday, April 15, 2013

The Cat that Saved a Life

Cats have a reputation for selfishness, but a cat called Charley has done her bit to improve the image of felines. As a kitten, she was adopted by Ms Susan Marsh-Armstrong. Charley was initially very weak, but Ms Marsh-Armstrong nursed her back to health. As Charley grew stronger she became ever more fond of her owner.

Ms Marsh-Armstrong is diabetic, and one night she went to the bathroom and then collapsed into a hypoglycaemic coma, as her blood sugar had dropped to a dangerous level. Seeing that something was wrong, Charley went to her husband (whom she normally avoided), pawing and licking at him to wake him up from a deep sleep. Once he woke up, Charley then led him to the bathroom where Ms Marsh-Armstrong was lying unconscious. He was able to inject glucagons into his wife and bring her round before she suffered any lasting ill effects.

The family's other two cats slept through the incident.

For her quick thinking, Charley won the Hero Cat title at last year's British National Cat Awards, winning a trophy, three month's supply of cat food and a year's supply of cat litter.


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