Saturday, April 20, 2013

Neosupervital "Neosupervital" (2006)

Another escapee from my friend Mr W---'s record collection, this is from an Irish artist who gives us electropop music with rather arch lyrics. It is enjoyable enough, but it reinforces my damning-with-faint-praise opinion of Mr Neosupervital - he makes for a great support act, but his output was never really interesting enough to take the main stage. These tunes are entertaining enough, but you would not really seek out that many of them and at least one is musically a knock-off of a past pop classic (Kim Wilde's 'Kids in America', if you must know).

Still, there are two great tracks on this. One of them is 'Jazz Fascist', about a guy who is a Jazz Fascist. The other is 'Rachel', whose opening line is "Rachel was a surfer girl". Maybe that tells you everything you need to know about the track, about its oceanic sense of longing and disengagement with the petty concerns of the land. It is a song I will be still listening to in decades to come and it is for this that Mr Neosupervital should be remembered.

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