Friday, February 24, 2012

Favourite Albums of 2011 #12: T---'s Ween TOAD

T---'s Ween TOAD [CD-R]

[What is a TOAD? Why, it is what we in Frank's APA call CD-Rs or other forms of music that we give to each other. It is an acronym from the days of the cassette tape. And what is this Frank's APA? For now that is a mystery that must remain unresolved.]

This is the CD-R with which T--- introduced Ween to the members of Frank's APA. Here in Panda Mansions we have been playing it to death, becoming great admirers of how Ween manage to jump from one genre to another with great mastery. It is also interesting how the band can be such rofflers, without at any time sinking into the world of novelty bollocks. Many of the funny songs transcend mere humour and become things of wonder in their own right (though there is maybe something rockist about the idea of "mere humour", as though real art has to be serious). The deadpan delivery and general musicianship help a lot.

Looking at the tracklisting here again, I am left thinking that with most of the best songs, humour is largely incidental to their appeal. So even if you feel that humour died in Auschwitz, you probably would still find something to enjoy about this collection of tunes. Even without humour, though, most of the tracks here have something of the weird about them.

The collection also features the song 'Your Party', with guest saxophone from David Sanborn, a tune whose lyrics will condition how I think of parties for the rest of my life.

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